An Close Proximity to Nature, Entertainment and Relaxation at Parc Life Location

A new Sembawang EC, Parc Life is a modern family orientated living which brings forth several amenities for pampering the occupants and the kids. A number of the added allure of Parc Life is that it consists of a prevalent of luxurious, prestigious and water spas. To make it even more advantageous next to the website is the Canberra Park. Several reviews show about the advantage of choosing Parc Life while it is indicated to have the blend of the two worlds of nature, the indoor and the outdoor rejuvenation, including the water spas along with the verdant landscape of the playground. It also has an ideal location and is in the inland space to the Sembawang MRT Station.

In accordance with the specifications of Parc Life, the property includes fully fitted Homogenous flooring tiles with skirting into the living and dining room. The estate also possesses laminate flooring with skirting, aluminum frame windows and tinted glass. It’s the specifications of the built-in wardrobe with sliding doors that also includes a pair of mobile pedestal closets, kitchen hob and hood; timber framed sliding door with infill glass panel, complete proper sanitary fittings and wall mount Mitsubishi air conditioners.

The fourth largest spa is famous as it is composed of the outdoor function pavilion with barbeque facilities and equipment. There’s a broad recommendation on this particular spa, especially for parties and gathering. In reference to people who tend to curve for lush greenery and water features inside a closed space, the fifth is more appropriate. At the fifth is given the bound to obtain treatment steam room. The sixth is your garden spa that brings similar cozy and intimate experience that’s acceptable for couples and small families. There’s also the Play and the Kids Bubble which is gear towards the kids, and it is made up of numerous themes and soft toys that keep the children entertained.

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